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I am a UX/UI designer, based in Moscow, that brings on an experience in various design fields, including AR effects, graphic design and motion design. I believe a good digital presence is vital in order to have a successful company or product in 2020 and moving forward. 

Check out my work

Most of my work consists of UX/UI design projects, but you can also find some graphic design projects with a focus on identity and typography. This is not all of my work, most of my projects are under NDAs.

What instruments I use and for what


When I work with a team and on a big project. It's easier to work with components and UI kits.


When I need to edit photos

Premiere Pro

When I edit and put together videos and movies


When I work on a project by myself. Easier to create animations and prototypes.

After Effects

When I create advanced animations and motion graphics


When I put together books, calendars and journals


When I need to create logos, illustrations and icons

Spark AR

To create AR effects


When I color correct photographs and images

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